General Sites:

AmigaNG – A website covering AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and other next-generation Amiga platforms – Great resource for information about AmigaOS and hardware

Hyperion Entertainment – Creators of AmigaOS 4 – Your number 1 stop for AmigaOS 4 files!


Alinea Computer – This is an Amiga shop located in Germany. Big selection of both classic and next-generation hardware and software.

Amiga on the Lake – AmigaOS hardware and software, but also classic as well. Located in the USA.

AmigaKit – Located in the United Kingdom. Vast selection of Amiga hardware and software, including the AmigaOne X5000. – An Amiga shop located in Spain.

Forums: – Legendary forum that’s been around for ages – Great forum with focus on AmigaOS 4 -Very popular Amiga forum

Bloggers, enthusiasts, freaks and more:

AmigaBlogs – Nice website promoting Amiga orientated blogs!

AmigaOne X5000 Blog – Adventures with a next generation Amiga

AmigaOneX – Kevin Saunders’ blog about his work on Amiga Classic and next-gen

Epsilon’s Amiga Blog – Very good blog that covers both classic and next-gen Amiga

Hyperion Entertainment Blog – Straight from the AmigaOS 4 devs!

Mambo’s Amiga Blog – Cool blog that covers everything Amiga

Old School Game Blog – Another blog of mine covering all aspects of old gaming