RNOTunes – Version 1.1 Released!

Hi everyone,

jPV of RNO is once again back with a new version of the RNOTunes multi-format audioplayer! This time it is version 1.1 and it contains a lot of changes:

  • Added button graphics previews in the settings window
  • Button graphics can be swapped without restarting the program
  • Optimised removal/deletion of tunes
  • Added an option to hide/show filename extension(s) when a filename is used
    as a title in the tune list
  • Improved filename extension hiding for formats that start with an extension
  • Adding new Last.fm users failed if the db directory didn’t exist
  • The Last.fm scrobbling setting was left enabled if its initialising was
  • Added import support for M3U8, EXTM3U, PLS, WPL, and XSPF playlists
  • External playlists can be dragged & dropped into the tune list if they have
    a common filename extension (the program exports them as .m3u itself)
  • Added support for system notifications via MagicBeacon (MorphOS),
    Ringhio (OS4), and Ranchero (OS3)
  • The delete requester is more verbose
  • The position slider works better with the mouse wheel
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be localised
  • Initial fixes/work-arounds/safety-checks for Vampire and BPPC issues
  • Added Flat graphics by Highlander
  • Improved documentation
  • Added an Italian catalog
  • Minor tweaking

Please visit the official webpage of the program here to find information. The download can be found on OS4Depot.


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