Trailer for the upcoming Heretic II update for AmigaOS 4

Hi there,

A new update of Heretic II for AmigaOS 4 by MagicSN is in the works. 🙂

Kas1e has made a trailer for it, which you can watch below:

The new, updated version will suport new HD-modes (for example 1920×1080), fully customizable Amiga Input for mouse, keyboard, and joypad, as well as CD-audio through cdplayer.library. The videos will be scaled and filtered, which means good bye to 320×240 windows with the original WarpOS version. Three rendering methods will be supported; Software (CPU), MiniGL (old Warp3D)P, GL4ES (Warp3DNova). Last, not not least, there will be a version of the tmod H2 Mod, which apparantly is the most important multiplayer mod for Heretic II.



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