AmigaOS 4 Monthly Roundup – April 2022

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AmigaOS 4 News – April 2022

Welcome to the fourth edition of the AmigaOS 4 monthly news roundup! It is time to have a look at what has been going on in the community during the last month.

Before I forget, I’d like to mention that I will be making a new section on this website for these monthly reports, so that people interested can easily find them all in the same place. Thanks to Kas1e for the suggestion. 🙂


At the beginning of the month, more precisely on the 2nd of April, Juan Carlos Herran Martin released the final version of the game No More Toxic Man. Improvements consists of added support for French, German and Polish languages, new graphics, secondary characters and bug fixes. The game is available for download at OS4Depot.

Juan Carlos Herran Martin did also release another game this month called Blackjuan Poker Card. This is a Blackjack clone that supports the use of different card decks. You can even create your own decks using the included SDK. Check it out here!

If you are interested in learning more about your computer, then you might be interested in the tool DevInfosNG. This program lets you find all kinds of information about your motherboard, devices, media and so forth. It was developed by A. Pankalla and the latest version (18.20) was uploaded to OS4Depot on the 2nd of April. Updates include NVRAM data available and updated ID-files. Here is the link.

On the 17th of April, the author DRIDI released version 2.97 of the Arabic Console Device. This update contains several corrections, which you can read more about on OS4Depot.

Screenshot taken from the website of DvPlayer by Puni/Void

A-Eon Technology has released a new version of the well known video player DvPlayer. This time it is version V54.9. This update is available free of charge to all DvPlayer V54 users through the Updater tool. New customers can buy a copy from the DvPlayer website or the Amistore App Store. A boxed copy is available at AmigaKit.

Version 1.3 of SilkRAW was released on the 20th of April. With this program you can work with RAW files generated by digital SLR cameras, acting as an interface to the dcRAW program written by Dave Coffin. Some of the features are built-in thumbnail exports and batch processing of RAW-files.

Lent from OS4Depot – Original fractal made by Dino

In the previous monthly report, we read about the FlashMandelNG tool. It has once again received an update and is now at version 4.4. You can now scroll the fractal map with the arrow keys on the keyboard and zoom in and out with the “i” and “o” keys, while LibGMP has been optimized for Altivec support.

Uwe Bojartschuk has released some re-worked def_icons based on the work by Martin Merz and Thomas Blatt. To exchange icons you have to use RAWBInfo with drag and drop over the present one and saving it.

Hollywood 9.1 was released Airsoft Softwair and is available free of charge to all customers who bought a Hollywood 9.0 license. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hollywood in 2022, they offer a special 20 EUR discount on the full version for a limited time only. More information is available on here.

Picture lent from

On the 30th of April, George Sokianos released LiteXL v2. It has many new features and fixes compared to v1, which includes faster scrolling, loading of files, multiple cursors, as well as an easy way to open files side by side. LiteXL v2 uses the latest SDL 2.0.20 by Capehill. It has also received new icons thanks to IconDesigner. If you want to give the new version a go, here is the link.


Lent from the website of Amiga Future

The team behind Amiga Future has prepared a brand new issue (number 156) for May and June. Here you can read about the AmigaOS 4.1 SDK, Ignition, Freegemas and much more. If you want to purchase the issue, please click here.

Screenshot of the website

If you are interested in attending the Amiga37 event in Mönchengladbach, Germany, in October this year, you will probably be happy to hear that the ticket sales have started. reports that tickets can be purchased from this website.

Screenshot from Kas1e’s video

The always active Kas1e has uploaded a new and very interesting video to his YouTube-channel called ScummVM on Shaders! 🙂 Here you can see the native AmigaOS 4 build of ScummVM working over OpenGL ES2 via the ogles2.library. Kas1e writes that the version used is the last master branch from the 16th of April.

Until next time

That was all for this time. Let us hope that the next month, May, will bring us more interesting developments when it comes to AmigaOS 4.x. According to the Facebook page of ACube Systems, they hope to be able to ship motherboards to customers before the summer. 🙂 Who knows, maybe some lucky buyers will receive a board at the end of next month? Time will show.

I’d like to thank you for reading and for visiting my blog. See you in the next AmigaOS 4 Monthly Roundup! 🙂


Puni/Void a.k.a. AmigaOldSkooler

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