LCD Conversions of Donkey Kong and Runaway for AmigaOS 4 – Updates and Online Highscores!

Hi everyone,

Some of you might remember the review I wrote of the Game & Watch conversion of Donkey Kong for AmigaOS 4.

It turns out that this game has been updated by the author, Anbjørn Myren, and does now include an Online highscore table. This is very cool I think, since it brings in a new aspect of competition! 🙂 He has also written a conversion of Runaway from Gakken for AmigaOS 4, and this one has also gotten an update.

You can download the updates from Aminet:

Earlier this evening, I recorded a video of both games running the desktop of AmigaOS 4. You can find this video embedded below.

Hope you will check out the games on your setup. 🙂

Thanks for visiting and see you in another post here on the Gaming on AmigaOS 4 blog!

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